More like sadaptation, am I right? (Death Note 2017)


If the famous Death Note anime adaptation were written by that kid in your high school class who thought Tim Burton was the greatest director of all time, it would probably look a whole lot like Death Note (2017).


Business As Usual in The Deuce


“We’re interested in what it means when profit is the primary metric for what we call society. In that sense, this story is intended as neither prurient nor puritan. It’s about a product, and those human beings who created, sold, profited from and suffered with that product.”

David Simon


Who defends The Defenders? (Not me)

There’s a moment early on in The Defenders where Jessica Jones – besieged by long-winded monologues about immortal ninjas, mythical lands, and plots to destroy New York – walks away. She explains to the rest of the team that she really gave it a shot, but this was all just too much for her, and she was calling it quits.

I really related to Jessica Jones in that moment… even moreso when she inevitably came back and stuck it through to the end, because that’s more or less what happened when I sat down and watched The Defenders.