Review Archive

This page will serve as an archive of various things that have been reviewed on this blog. The hope is that I’ll eventually have written enough of these that this archive can serve as a sort of guide for how I approach grading these pieces, as well as a handy place to look stuff up if you’re curious what I thought of it. All scores are out of ten, and fair warning – I tend to use more of the 0 – 10 scale than your average website, so don’t expect everything to end up being a 7.5.

A general rule of thumb for my grading process at this moment (it could change):

  • 10 — Basically perfect. One of my favorites within its genre. Complaints, if any, are incredibly small nitpicks. Things I would grade a perfect 10 would include Mad Max: Fury Road, most seasons of The Wire, or Metal Gear Solid 3.
  • 7.5 — Above-average. Anything in this range is something I consider quite good, although it has flaws that I can pick apart. I wouldn’t necessarily push a 7.5 for many awards, but it’s something I find fun or worthwhile in some way. Good examples of a 7.5 might be Interstellar or Diablo 3.
  • 5 — Completely average. A five is hard to define, and my thoughts are often relative to expectations. The first season of The Defenders disappointed me, and much of my review was negative, but overall, the show was mainly forgettable to me, and I can understand why others enjoyed it. Five is the most context-dependent rating for me, personally.
  • 2.5 — Below average. Something in this range is largely bad, with a few redeeming qualities or perhaps some unintentional entertainment value. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would fall somewhere close to here, as it’s objectively terrible but can be fun to pick on, while also having a couple decent moments. Final Fantasy XV also comes to mind.
  • 0 — Irredeemable garbage. Any Michael Bay film.


The Defenders — 5


Death Note — 3

Video Games: